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HOKU 125: the new star in the house SWM Motorcycles

The Hoku 125 and among the new offerings in the SWM motorcycle range presented with great pride and enthusiasm at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA).

The Hoku 125 and among the new proposals in the SWM motorcycle range presented with great pride and enthusiasm at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA). The naked Hoku stands out in the market for its design with “angular” lines and high-level technical features. Specifically, in this article we are going to delve into the whole sheet related to the HOKU 125 .

Continue reading to discover all the secrets and details related to the HOKU 125!

The data sheet of the HOKU 125

The HOKU 125 has a _Monocylinder Engine – 4-stroke – 124.7cc – DOHC – 4 valves – 6 gears, which delivers 11 kw , this offers a good balance between performance and fuel consumption. Ideal for city commuting and for thrill seekers on two wheels.

Perimeter trellis frame made of high-strength steel tubing , makes riding the bike easy and intuitive.

Front & rear brakes ; Hydraulic and radial caliper with integrated ABS system , 300mm front disc , 220mm rear disc.

Tele-hydraulic 41mm diameter upside-down fork – Progressive Uni Track ; Mono Hydraulic shock absorber.

Tires ; Front size 110/70 x 17″ – Rear size 140/60 x 17″ with Tire Pressure Sensors placed in the wheels.

Weight ; 136 kg

Seat height ; 790 mm

Rich equipment with ; Led headlights , Small turn signals , USB socket.

7 inch TFT dashboard. Cell phone interactive.

Fun fact ; “HOKU” a term in the Hawaiian language meaning ” star “.

The style and quality of the HOKU 125

The Hoku 125, in particular, among other sport bike models, offers a dynamic and fun riding experience thanks to its sturdy frame and superstructures that give it a modern and stylish appearance. Despite its compact size, this model boasts state-of-the-art technical equipment and delivers remarkable performance. The high quality characteristic of the Hoku 125 depends on SWM brand know-how and its attention to detail in design and production. The brand is known precisely for its beautifully crafted products.

The design of the HOKU 125

The Hoku 125 is characterized by a distinctive and modern style. Its design is distinguished by “angular” lines that give the motorcycle a bold and dynamic appearance, a factor that contributes to an eye-catching visual presence on the road.

Positions for sporty riding in the HOKU 125

The Hoku 125, being a naked motorcycle, offers a sporty riding position that promotes agility and control.

In fact, sport riding requires a more forward leaning posture, which allows the rider to exert more control over the bike and make the most of its performance.

Features of the Hoku 125 that contribute to a sporty riding position include a handlebar positioned lower and slightly angled than usual. The tilt aids its aerodynamic grip and handling.

In addition, the footpegs on the Hoku 125 are positioned a little further back than the standard position, allowing the rider to lean slightly forward and maintain a sporty posture.

The seat also has the perfect features to provide adequate support for the rider during sporty riding.

To whom is the HOKU 125 recommended?

The Hoku 125 is generally recommended for a wide range of motorcyclists, especially those looking for an agile and versatile riding option for urban commuting or for fun on winding roads.

It is a sporty motorcycle that is also perfect for anyone who is looking for adventure on two wheels. At the same time, however, the Hoku 125 could be a good choice for those new to road riding. Being a moderate displacement bike, in fact, it offers manageable power even for those who are not particularly experienced.

Remember that it is always important to take into account one’s needs, abilities, and personal preferences when choosing a motorcycle.


We have come to the end of this review of a motorcycle that, in recent times, has enjoyed considerable success in every respect: it is for all intents and purposes a very good product. Ultimately, the style of the Hoku 125 is characterized by “angular” lines that stand out from the alternatives on the market, while its intrinsic quality depends on the reputation of the SWM brand and its ability to offer well-built and durable products.

If you are looking for a sport bike that is rich in details and details, as well as incredibly good from the point of view of comfort and safety when riding, we recommend the HOKU 125, which will undoubtedly succeed in meeting your needs!