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Swm Custom V1200 Stormbreaker, looks like an H-D Sportster

Impossible not to notice the similarities, not only aesthetic but also technical, between Swm V1200 Stormbreaker and the recently "retired" Harley-Davidson Sportster.

A new custom made in China or the reincarnation of the “defunct” Harley-Davidson Sportster? That must be the question most enthusiasts asked at Eicma 2022 when faced with the Custom V1200 Stormbreaker, the first cruiser to bear the Swm brand name on its tank. And indeed this twin-cylinder, unveiled for the first time, but also somewhat quietly, a few weeks ago at the Milan show, bears more than a few similarities to the legendary “little one” from Milwaukee, recently retired by Harley given the impossibility of adapting the V-Twin Evolution to the latest anti-pollution regulations.


SPORTY, IS THAT YOU? – The engine, indeed. Beyond the stylistic proximity between the bikes, it is impossible not to notice the incredible similarity between the two V2s, the historic one from the American brand and the one from the Swm in question. Identical architecture with 45-degree cylinders, air cooling, similar crankcases, the same layout for the distribution, let’s add to that the five-speed gearbox and the toothed belt drive, in short, the impression is just that of being in front of the small block of the H-D house.

After taking a look at the numbers expressed by the data sheet, the suspicion becomes even stronger: 1,202 cc for 82 hp of power, 250 kg of weight and 200 km/h top speed, 16 wheels (130 at the front and 150 at the rear). Sporty, is that really you? It is unclear whether “underneath” there is some kind of agreement, or it is pure inspiration, so to speak. It cannot be ruled out that Brillance Shineray Chongqing, the Chinese giant that owns the Swm brand, somehow inherited the Evolution twin-cylinder design from Harley after it was discontinued. In any case, it will be curious to know whether Swm, an acronym, more or less, for Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano, will succeed in homologating its V1200 for Europe, hitting the mark where even Milwaukee was forced to raise the white flag. We shall see!