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SWM SIX6 Days 500. The opinion of the motorcyclist

Massimo Ferrara, the great traveler and among the souls of the only independent voice of the motorcycle, takes us on a feminine discovery of the Lombard house big.

SWM SIX6 Days 500. I was fortunate enough to be able to have the SWM SIX6 500 on test for a few days. It is actually a mono 450, but that changes little about the substance of the bike. It is a very aesthetically pleasing bike that harkens back to the Scramblers of the 1970s, but obviously hides modern technology.

SWM SIX6 Days 500. First Contact

The bike is very maneuverable and light and therefore also suitable for those who are new to a motorcycle, while those like me who have some riding experience especially on the road will find ways to enjoy it. Agile in city traffic is a bike that for long trips should be ‘set up (fairing, bags etc.) but will always require some sacrifice. This can be guessed just by looking at it, and in any case it is a feature and not a flaw. On mixed tracks and full of curves, on the other hand, it gives great satisfaction and the engine has the right grit coming out of the curves to allow you to have a good progression between turns.

SWM SIX6 Days 500. Consumption

Consumption is modest and complicates the capacity of the 17-liter tank the range is more like a hatchback than a small “urban” bike. Braking is absolutely adequate for the bike and performance and the abs seems to be there no obvious sign that it does its job discreetly and effectively.

In transfers as is obvious above 100kmh the wind starts to be annoying and already at 120 km/h the sail effect triggered by the rider himself suggests milder paces.

I think as it comes out of the factory it is perfect for a relaxed ride on transfers then attacking if you feel like it some nice mixed tracks. I also had the opportunity to try it on a long dirt road and even for me who is not an expert in off road everything was easy and without a great commitment to driving. The clutch is very soft and has a precise release only the gearbox especially in downshifting seemed to me slightly too contrasty but I think this is something that will improve as the miles increase (the bike was almost new).

One suggestion, it would be interesting to have it outfitted with a fairing and panniers and try to ride it.

It will never be a tourer, but it has everything to be a stylish and fun companion in the city as well as on rides in the hills, rides that can also become small shoots because she doesn’t back down if there is good bending to do.

I thank SWM for giving me the opportunity to have fun riding this bike. The eye also wants its share and this bike the more you look at it, the more fascinating you find it.

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