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SWM RS 300 R featured on Dueruote

20 euro challenge: SWM RS 300 R vs Honda CRF 300 Rally

Dueruote published a new article, where they talk about an adventure ride between the SWM RS 300 R and Honda CRF 300 Rally motorcycles. The journey takes place between the provinces of Genova and La Spezia, exploring off-the-beaten-path terrains and local cuisine under a budget of 20 euros. The narrative captures the essence of the ride, landscapes, culinary experiences, and the distinct characteristics of both motorcycles, offering insights into their performance and suitability for adventure touring.
It emphasizes the bike’s endurance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, showcasing its ability to deliver a remarkable adventure touring experience. The publication underlines the motorcycle’s positive reception and technical capabilities, reinforcing SWM’s reputation in the motorcycling community.
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